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작성일 : 2024-07-04
작성자   admin
제목   Upgraded DTF film
::: SM Transfer Film :::
- Instant Hot Peel & Warm/Cool Peel
It features Instant Hot Peel, making very stable and clean peeling. It also works good at warm and cool peel. It is the most worker's friendly film for various work type.
- High Grade Soft Matte Hand Feel
It has high grade matte and soft hand feel, making the most natural effect on fabric. It raises the quality and worth of clothes.
- Bright and Deep Color Expression
It makes bright and deep color expression which is suitable for high resolution and fine design printing.
- Excellent Ink and White Absorption
It can absorb high amount of ink and white ink which makes more vivid color and anti color transfer from colored fabric.
- No Oily and Anti Static Treatment
It leaves no oil and moisture after printing and excellent anti static treatment for smooth printing and perfect powders-off