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작성일 : 2023-05-24
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제목    Printable Puff is for your designs with stunning 3D effects.
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Introducing Printable Puff PU
Elevate your designs with stunning 3D effects!
We are excited to introduce you to Printable Puff PU, a revolutionary product that combines the stunning appearance of Puff with the versatility of full-color printing!

When subjected to heat press, this remarkable product expands and transforms your garments from a flat, ordinary look to an eye-catching "puffed" up three-dimensional appearance. Make a unique look with a fluffy texture!

Excellent cutting & weeding quality
The unique fluffy & Soft Touch

All of Printable Puff PU can be printed using eco solvent inks, Excellent ink absorption, vivid color, easy cut and weed ability make these films the ideal solution for customising t-shirts, sportswear, uniforms etc. with colorful logos and designs.

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