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작성일 : 2019-03-29
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제목   Printable Glitter White / Rainbow White
::: SM Transfer Film :::

Create full color glitter designs
on your T-shirts!

Glitter Printable heat transfer films are available in Glitter film,
all of which can be printed using eco solvent inks.  

    Transfer condition    
Temp: 140℃ ~ 150℃
Time: 8 - 10sec
Thickness: 264(354) micron

Excellent ink absorption, vivid colour, easy cut and weed ability make these films the ideal solution for customising t-shirts, sportswear, uniforms etc. with colourful logos and designs.

High Quality Heat Transfer Vinyl

SMTF is a professional Korean manufacturer and supplier of high performance thermal transfer vinyl materials targeted at the textile and garment market.

SMTF has obtained the valuable experience and knowledge in the garment industry over many years, especially through digital textile printing and heat transferring processes.

The key advantages of SMTF heat transfer film are the vibrant colours, superior wash ability, easy weeding and suitability for a wide range of applicable fabrics.

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SM Transfer Film