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작성일 : 2020-04-09
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제목   Stay Strong, Stay Safe from Covid-19 l SMTF Heat Transfer Vinyl
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How can the virus be avoided?
Simple, sensible measures should be taken in every-day life in order to avoid infection from the virus:
- Frequently wash hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based solution, especially before eating and after being in public.
- Don’t share food, tools, glasses and towels.
- Avoid close contact with those who are ill. If someone is visibly ill, coughing or sneezing, keep away.
- If you get ill with respiratory symptoms, stay at home and notify others and your health care provider of the illness.
- When sneezing or coughing, cover the nose and mouth with a tissue or with the crook of the elbow. Throw the tissue in the bin.
- Avoid unprotected contact with wildlife and farm animals.
From IDF(International Diabetes Federation)

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