Prime DTF

 140℃ ~ 150℃
  8 ~ 12 sec
  Cool Peel
  Pressure Medium
  Cotton, Polyester, Blends

Print multiple small designs on a single DTF transfer film and heat press them on numerous applications within minutes. DTF film 75mic has three-layer coatings, providing solutions for better washing durability, scratch resistance. Especially, the distinguished thickness of 100mic film makes printing more stable. Also it has excellent durability at high temperatures.

Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blends
[T-shirt, Sport jersey, Uniforms, Sweater, Jacket, Caps, etc.]
  Prime DTF

Semimat 75g

Semimat 100g
1 / 2  Prime DTF
SDTF-01 Semimat 75g
2 / 2  Prime DTF
SDTF-02 Semimat 100g